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Forbidden Vegetables Cover

Forbidden Vegetables is here!
The latest graphic novel from Bion Smalley

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Hugo the Carrot Boy, a sideshow freak, part human, part carrot, longs to know how he got that way.  Based on a clue in a magazine article, Hugo and his venal sidekick, Balthazar, the World’s Mightiest Dwarf, trek to Lake Shore University to confront the truth and perhaps profit from it.

At Lake Shore University, Julian Potkin, a fierce anti-technology crusader, plans a rally to protest genetic engineering going on at the university.  Enter professors Timothy Legend and Alix Fitzsimmons, who would like nothing better than to sabotage Potkin’s rally for the pure fun of it.

Complicating things is the arrival on campus of movie star Goldie Hart – dubbed by some the “World’s Sexiest Woman” – with her own mysterious interest in genetic engineering.

Murder ensues, followed by more murder and chaos, with Timothy and Alix at the center as usual.